A premium asset management company

Target Market

Target market is mainly:

  • Oil and Petroleum Retailers
  • Aviation Industry
  • Private Governmental departments

The customers of Astra Global Investments are:

  • British Airways
  • American Airlines
  • US Defense Force
  • Shell Oil
  • Mobile Oil
  • Exon oil

The oil concessions that Astra Global Investments owns in the Russian oil fields, are extracted through strategic partnership agreements with Russian Oil refineries, and are paid in refined petroleum product, principally JP 54 Colonial Jet Fuel and D2 Diesel, which is then sold to the above listed customers.

Payments from above listed customers are traditionally received through term Letters of Credit, through prime bank issued Bank Guarantees, through Medium Term Notes and electronic transfers.

The financial instruments are held with Astra Globa Investments and traded through the treasury into the financial markets. Instruments are sold at discounts to extract liquidity, or are placed on financial institution trading platforms for a specified tenure to extract optimal return.